Amazing Costs Reduction through Diagnostic Principles

As a prelude to the effective control and prevention of viral diseases, rapid and accurate identification and confirmation of virus implicated in the disease processes are of paramount importance. Due to the limitation of traditional laboratory techniques, the goal of achieving a speedy, precise, and sensitive diagnosis of viral diseases had remained largely elusive prior to the advent and application of molecular detection technologies over 20 years ago.Dongyou Liu

Our Solutions

Early disease detection for better treatment decision

In medicine, the time from the moment of exposure to an infectious agent until signs and symptoms of the disease appear. Doctors can make better decisions during this time.

Reduce costs of diagnostics

Laboratory tests are very effective. They also incur lapsed time and the costs are higher than self-diagnostics. Self-diagnostics are real-time and there is no lapsed time.

Reduce re-Admissions

Healthcare providers can remote monitor patient progress after discharge. In addition to remote real-time feedbacks, video conferences can be health with the patient in support of Telehealth methods.

Reduce payer costs

Reducing admission is already a bug saving for payers. If patients can self-diagnose this is a great addition to the saving. If patients take their health under their control, and avoid health hazards and exposures, patients can reduce even the admission costs, generating savings to payers.

Reduce insurance premium costs

If the costs of admission, readmission and diagnostics are reduced, this may result also in reduction of insurance premium.

Real-Time Diagnostics and Remote Patient Monitoring

At discharge time or any other time the attending provider can set monitoring parameters for the patient's viral signs. Real-time diagnostics collect the necessary patient data and provide feedbacks to the healthcare providers and will report when condition reach the level set.

What we do

We build Medical Wearable Devices

Our wearable are the hub of improving our quality of life. Below are some features of our wearables:

  • High specificity
  • Stability under typical storage condition
  • Cost effective
  • Portability
  • Accuracy

Help all to avoid health hazards and exposure

Workers and even children in many outdoor activities end up at different locations during a typical day. Unfortunately not all our environment are always safe for many of us.

Pollution or environment contamination can adversely impact our health.

Create patient-doctor dialog based on health profile

Effective doctor-patient communication is a central clinical function in building a therapeutic doctor-patient relationship, which is the heart and art of medicine.

The way physicians capture patient data is guided by their disease model.

Sometimes we may not be in the incubation period and not sick yet. If we could show that we are infected but not sick yet, the dialog can bear significant results that could save our life.

Help Citizens take charge of their Health

By implementing a patient-centered healthcare model and reduce the costs, we empower people. Our current system presents many barriers and we contribute solutions to remedy the problems.

Provide Real-time diagnostics

Patients who self-diagnose see improvement. This reduces doctors visits, adds to convenience and bring freedom to dependency on delayed laboratory results.

Remote Patient monitoring

Providers can remotely monitor the health of their patients.

Easier Emergency care

By reducing dependency on lab results, medicare decisions can be made faster.

Our Clients

All Demographic

Regardless of where people live, qualify of life is a necessity for all.

  • Babies
  • Adolescents
  • Adults

All healthcare providers

We work with healthcare providers to implement Telehealth as a way to save many lives.

Reduction in Total Cost of Care per Beneficiary per year by 27 %, reduction in hospitalizations by 45%Julie A. Reisetter, Chief Nursing Officer, Banner Telehealth

Western World

Many countries in the western world have implemented health systems that comprise:

  • Insurance companies
  • Community health institutions
  • Medicare/Medicaid or equivalent programs
  • Hospitals and Clinics

Rest of the World

Some measure of Telemedicine/Telehealth can be implemented through:

  • Non-profit health organizations
  • Community health institutions
  • UN NGO organizations
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Local governments

About Us

Our team comprises executive entrepreneurs who have extensive experience in healthcare technologies, from startups to established companies. We leverage clinical modeling, surgery cost reduction, disease management product development.

Our scientists have experience in research and are specialized in the electrical, piezoelectric, ferroelectric and optical characterization of materials

We are partnering with well established companies in design and manufacturing.

We bring
to Telehealth

Allfocus Technologies is dedicated to personalized healthcare. The company started ideation to improve patient safety and care. After involvement with the government recommended Meaningful Use 2, it became clear to us that we must contribute to the improvement of personalized medicine. We are working on a patient-centered healthcare model with emphasis on Telemedicine focused on improving and enhancing both the patient and the provider experience.

  • We are also involved with CPIC, which reflects our interest in pharmacogenomics.
  • We want to help local health communities and work with hospitals and clinics.

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Allfocus Technologies, Inc

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Country: USA


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